Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes... or Kurt (Unless You Think He's a Babe - Which I Do)

LOL.... Long title, I know, but I wanted to clarify to prevent any smarty tarty comments that Kurt wasn't in the "babe" category :)

Anyway, so on Sunday, I was logged in to Training Peaks to get a view of this week's schedule that my Oh-So-Fabulous Coach uploaded (he does this every week ya know). I got a look at Tuesday (which is today) and said "Holy Crap, He's trying to kill me!" There was a 2700yd swim this morning and then a 30 minute time trial bike ride this evening, on the heels of Monday night's nearly 4-mile run and will be followed by another 4 mile run tomorrow. I didn't realize I had said it out loud, until I heard my fabulous husband say "You did this to yourself. He is only steering you on the path your put yourself on. He is just making sure you get there!" WHATEVER KURT! LOL... Kurt is usually a man of few words, but every so often he comes out with a hum-dinger and just makes me want to pop him in the chops, LOL!!!! I just wanted to tell him to stuff it in his pie hole, LOL... but I couldn't because he is absolutely right. Well, I could tell him to stuff it in his pie hole, but not with a clear conscience. I mean, after all, no one is forcing me, and my coach is doing what he does best. But I need someone to blame when it hurts so bad..... so I embraced my unclear conscience and told him to get to stuffing... LOL

All in all, I'm thankful for a coach who drags me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone and a wonderful babe of a hubby (with a newly stuffed pie hole) who supports me in everything I do!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Cause Necessary!

Here lately it seems that everyone, myself included, wants to help and support people who are involved in a specific cause... like all of the efforts to raise money for cancer research, or children's hospitals, or diabetes, or this-or-that kind of tragedy. But I think we often forget the opportunities we have each and every single day to honor those that aren't capable of doing the things we can do. We whine and complain and look for excuses not to take care of ourselves - I'm too tired, I have a headache, I just don't feel like it, I know this isn't healthy but I'm going to do it anyway... and so on. I decided today that I no longer need a formally organized event to champion the cause of health and wellness. I don't need to wait for the Race for the Cure to honor my dear friend Andrea who has suffered through the darkness of breast cancer. I don't need to wait for the next PanCan walk to honor my great aunt, and second cousin who were all ravaged by pancreatic cancer. I don't need to wait for an American Cancer Society race to honor my sweet uncle who was taken from us way too soon by esophagus cancer. I don't need to wait for the Tour de Cure to honor my grandpa, my uncle and my stepdad who struggle every day with diabetes. Instead, every single day that I can wake up and move forward on my own two feet, I am going to be grateful that I can do all the things I complain about. I am going to run with commitment, pedal with determination, and swim with resolve, because I have been blessed with the ability to do it. I know that all of the people who can't would give anything to be able to depend on their own bodies, and it would be such a shame to waste the gifts I've been given - it would be dishonoring to those beautiful people. You know, I think it's funny how God works - His ways are so mysterious. He must have known I needed a reality check and reminder that I should be grateful that it hurts when I run because I have 2 legs to run on, and that I can only go 11-12mph on my bike even though I'm pedaling for all I'm worth because I have 2 arms and 2 legs to operate the bike, and that I feel like I'm going to pass out when I swim sprints because I have 2 arms & 2 legs with which to propel myself through the water, even though I look like an "angry squirrel". I've been listening to my ipod alot lately, and it has a ton of music on it from various sources - Kurt actually preloaded it for me, LOL! But these two songs keep coming up... The first is Melissa Ethridge with "I Run For Life": and the second is Rob Thomas with "Her Diamonds"... I've tried to link to YouTube, but if they are having problems you won't see the links to the videos :( Anyway, they hit me so close to home. They remind me that I have a duty every single day to honor God for blessing me with good health and a strong heart and a duty to honor all of those who are not able to enjoy the things that I call "torture". I won't be waiting anymore on any organized "cause" to motivate me - I am going to sim, bike, and run in tribute to my loved ones and everyone else's loved ones who can't. I will keep them with me every day and do my very best not to take anything for granted. I am going to swim, bike, and run for life every single time and do my best to endure the pain & struggle, because one day it just might be my own life and sickness that someone else is running for. Andrea, Tim, Betty, Jim, Robert, and Jerry - you're with me always!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Hunny Man is HOME!

He's here! He's here! He's finally here! No, not Santa - my hunny man is home! Kurt is finally back from his trip to Colorado, and I know he's only been gone 2 1/2 weeks, but I tell you it has been the most stressful and eventful 2 weeks of my young life... I think nearly all areas of my life have been put in the blender and puree'd, but now that he's home it's all going to be better :) but SHHHHH! Don't tell him, or else he'll get a big head about it, LOL! Now that he's home, I don't have to get up extra early to make sure the dogs get to eat and potty before work. Now that he's home, I don't have to stay up late to make sure everything gets locked up when the kids get home well past my bedtime. Now that he's home, I don't have to do my own laundry, and I can stop buying new clothes because I'm tired of doing my own laundry. Now that he's home, I don't have to pump my own gas or check the oil in the car, the van, or the lawnmower. Now that he's home, I don't have to watch movies by myself, and our DVR can finally be emptied of all the shows that I couldn't watch because we only watch them together. Now that he's home, I don't have to let the girls have a slumber party in my room to keep me company. Now that he's home, I don't have to bear the weight of sadness and hurt feelings all by myself because there's no one else to talk to. Now that he's home... well.... the list just goes on and on and on. Now that he's home, I don't have to leave all the empty spots in my life open, because my better half (he truly is what makes me a better person) has finally come back home :) Ok, ok, ok... enough of the smushy stuff... :) I'm sure the harping and nagging will kick into overdrive as usual first thing tomorrow, LOL!