Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let the Haunting Begin!

Friday was Andria's birthday - my baby is 17 now! Can you believe it??? And Bailey just turned 16 last week... Seems like just yesterday they were doing this:

But now, here they are with their Grandpa and Grandma Thompson last week - oh - and their brother, my son Tyler, LOL..

Of course, the whole purpose of the title of this post is to tell you about the haunted house we went to on Friday night for Andria's birthday. It's called, and it's awesome! They did a really good job - it's just the right amount of frightful! Not mortally terrifying, but enough to make you scream and squeal! We all had a good time! Here are the kids, along with a few friends that came along!

Anyway, I just can't believe how much they are growing, and what wonderful amazing young adults they are becoming!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Most Thoughtful Fruit Ever

You guys have all heard me say MANY MANY times that Kiwi is my favorite fruit, and I have yet another reason why that is still true! My Kiwi friend Shell is so freaking thoughtful... I am training for a triathlon next summer, and Shell had this fantastic T-shirt made for me - and it is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

And it makes me giggle every time someone asks me "What the heck is a Shellbilly", LOL!!!!

Thank you soooooooooo much, my friend!

Of course my training has been temporarily derailed due to this stupid knee injury, but I cna still wear this fabulous shirt to keep me motivated!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puttin' the Moves On!

I finally decided to make the move to Blogspot after a couple of years... I *think* I've been blogging for a couple of years, but heck, I'm getting old, so I could be making it up, LOL!

Anyway, I'm hoping to get my blogging butt back in gear much to the delight of my Kiwi friend, LOL... so keep your fingers crossed that I can retrain myself! Now I'm off to email everyone my new bloggy address :)