Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Single Digits, Baby!

The countdown to madness is down to single digits now! In just 9 more days, I leave the Scenic City of Chattanooga for sunny San Jose, CA where I'm going to spend 5 whole days with my soul sister, my favorite Kiwi (ok, so she's the only Kiwi I know, LOL), my dear friend Shell Mackay!!! WOOOO HOOOOO I cannot wait!

We haven't seen each other since October of 2007, when Shell came to one of my scrapbook retreats back when I ran them in Colorado. It was so much fun, because we got a "surprise" blizzard the weekend of the retreat. And Shell still insisted on wearing her freaking flip flops with her green toenails hanging out in the snow, LOL!

I'm so excited, because now I finally get to attend one of her world famous Scrapgrlz retreats. Been trying to get there for years, but life has just gotten in the way! It has gotten so much in the way that I haven't scrapped more than 2 layouts in the whole 2 1/2 years I've lived here in Chattanooga. Isn't that just a crying SHAME?!!! I am barely going to be able to hold my head up and look my fellow retreaters in the eyes from all the shame! But, scrapbookers are generally a forgiving lot, so I should be okay :)

I've already warned my coach that I'm going to be spending 5 days... count 'em ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-FIVE DAYS.... of sitting on my rump eating absolutely NOTHING good for me and doing NOT ONE squat, NOT ONE single stroke in the pool, NOT ONE single step in the running shoes, NOT ONE single rotation of a bike tire... there will be NO FITNESS involved whatsoever, LOL!!! I'm going to be in culture shock, but it will be a fabulous change of scenery and hopefully will be just what I need to refuel. Of course I'll probably be begging Coach Andy for mercy when I see the workouts he's planned for me when I get back, LOL.... but it'll totally be worth it :)

San Jose better hold onto it's shorts, cause the Shellbillies, along with a Flat friend or two, will be tearin' it up... WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Widgets, Countdowns, & Tickers... Oh MY!

Ok - I'm just going to come right out and say up front that this has absolutely nothin' to do with nothin' LOL, except for some whining and griping! I have been working on my webbin' and bloggin', and just trying to get back into the technological groove lately by redoing my blog site, working on some new graphics, and actually making a point to post more. However, I have forgotten most everything I know about PSE, so the graphics are coming along VERY slowly.

SO I decided to work on posting instead, and actually have quite a bit to blog about... New race schedule starting to fill in for this year, some neat family things, and just general who-knows-if-it's-blogworthy stuff. I logged into Blogger to start drafting a new post, and I was really bummed to see that my countdown widget has stopped working - you know, the one for the Ironman Augusta 70.3?! I was proud of that one and one I really want to keep right at the top of my blog for inspiration and accountability, but the stupid thing stopped working... kicked the bucket... bought the farm... bit the big one! The website where I created it isn't working either! I've tried looking for other websites or ways to learn how to create my own, and I'm still coming up empty *sniff*.

I just don't understand in this day and age how I can be so technologically challenged! I want my widget!!!!