Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a Day!

The last few weeks have been a total whirlwind around here - work's been insanely busy, the kids are all but on their own, and then there's all the mess with the doctors & hospitals... I've hardly had time to catch my breath! Today was really no different. You'd think that since it was Saturday there would be some chillaxin' time... I really had my heart set on sleeping in! I never get to anymore, and it double-sucks since I've never NEEDED to more in my whole life (at least it feels like it, LOL). Between working the long hours, and Kurt's incessant snoring, I can't remember the last time I had a night filled with mouth-open-drool-inducing-rip-van-winkle slumber that lasted well into the next day... Even with his surgery (which only seemed to turn down the volume, not cut out the snoring altogether), the fan on, and me being doped on hefty antihistamines, I still get woke up when he comes to bed at 3 or 4 am and jump-starts the chain saw!

I tossed and turned from about 630am or so until about 830am, elbowing with every toss and kneeing with every turn - I mean, it's only fair right? If he sleeps just right on his side and keeps his shoulders pulled back, he doesn't snore much. Only problem is that I have to stay awake to hold his shoulders in just the right position - and that, well.... that just defeats the whole purpose, now doesn't it? Anyway, I went ahead and got up, watched infomercials for awhile, then I got my sweet Bailey up out of bed to go cycling with me. I haven't ridden in weeks with all this cardiology crap happening - partly because of the chest pressure, and partly because I'm afraid I'll cause it, LOL, even though the doc has said I could do "light" exercise. Anyway, we got two hours in and I tell you, it was awesome! It was freaking AWESOME I say! It was really nice to get back out there, and Bailey was the best training partner today. We sang some cadences, braved a dog, a horse & dog combo, and managed not to get hit by any cars.... Heck, I even rode standing up a bit... GO ME!!!! WOOT!

We had to take her bike down to the Hub for a tune-up, and then we headed over to PF Chang's for some Kung Pao.. man how I love me some Kung Pao! That's one dish that never fails to make me happy :) We got in the car, looking at the sky which was getting blacker by the minute. We barely got in the car and pulled out of the parking lot to drive to the mall, which was just across the parking lot mind you... (we could have walked), and the freaking SKY OPENED UP! I mean it was a torrential downpour!!! We thought about waiting it out in the car but decided to make a mad dash for the building instead - throwing all good sense down the tubes, since we left the stinking umbrella on the front porch at home, LOL! Smart people would have went home, but I was on a mission to buy a cute frilly sundress for the anniversary photo shoot I booked for Kurt & me on Monday. In the short minute or two it took us to run from the car to the building, Bailey and I looked like we had been run through the car wash! I mean we were S-O-A-K-E-D with a capital DRENCHED! We got into Barnes & Noble, and had to stand in the entryway till we stopped dripping, then headed to the bathroom to dry off with paper towels, LOL! So, off we go into the mall, up and down each hall, covering the entire upstairs and downstairs, scouring every stupid store that had anything REMOTELY girly but came up empty. After more than 2 hours of steady walking, we did learn a thing or two about mall shopping.

1. Sundresses do not exist for people with boobs bigger than apples
2. People let it all hang out at the mall... I mean, these folks around here give those obscene Wal-mart folks a run for their money!
3. Do NOT go into ANY store with "New York" in the name of it, unless you want to spend $168.00 on a long tank top (yes, I said one-hundred-sixty-eight-dollars!)

We ended up leaving the mall with nothing but Dippin' Dots! Mani-Pedi's made it a little better though, even though it was a "my-color-looks-better-in-the-bottle" kinda job, but oh well! LOL! Topped the evening off with a frozen lemonade & burgers & fries.... sinfully good! It was almost 9pm by the time we got home, and I've sat here for an hour and a half trying to get my blog on. Kurt's gone on a play date to the movies, so I'm thinking I'll hit the sack and HOPE and PRAY that I get some good sleep tonight. Or else Father's Day might start with a very unpleasant surprise for my Hunny Man, LOL!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Can't Be Time for June Already!

I can't hardly believe that it is June already... I mean it seems like just yesterday that we were trying to get through the holidays and then my birthday in February and my fabulous trip to California to visit the fabulous Mackay family. And all of a sudden I wake up and it's June already and the temps are creeping up almost to the triple digits. I feel like Rip Van Winkle - I blink and months went by. Before I knew it, I had a high school graduate living in my house, and it seems like the other two are running out the door too. I know they're still in school, but it feels like I'm going to blink and they'll all be gone. Of course I'm a little sad, a little homesick for the good ol' days when my babies were babies, all cute and cuddly, when the house smelled like baby powder and kool-aid instead of Victoria Secret body spray and butts & feet. It seems like the last two decades went by in the blink of an eye. But then again, I am really looking forward to when life becomes all about me again, LOL! When my kids all fly the coop, I will actually be able to take vacation days to... (wait for it)... actually..take..vacation... instead of run a kid here or there. I can't hardly even fathom it!

But I guess I shouldn't get ahead of myself, should I? I mean, one never knows what will happen from one day to the next! SO much has happened over the last few weeks that has really shaken things up and threatens to throw my vision and goals into a blender and hit puree. Take my triathlon season for instance... Initially I had planned to start the season with the Rev3 Olympic in May, which I had to cancel because Andria was graduating. Then I had to cancel the Tour de Cure to participate in the Dragon Boat Race - both of which were entirely worth it! Then a couple of weeks ago, I get derailed by some pesky chest pain and now am strapped to this stinking monitor for two weeks. Most of my training has been grounded until they do more tests, which also means I'm going to probably havbe to miss the River Rat swim on the 11th ... SNIFF! I've had so much down time, that it's that much harder to do even the simple training. My coach still thinks he can whip me into shape in time for my Half IM in September, and he probably could, but the longer I am out of commission now, the harder I'm going to have to work in a shorter period of time to get there. At some point I'm going to have to decide whether it's worth pushing that hard or whether I should push that half back to the beginning of the 2012 season. I really really wanted to do it this year... to have 2012 be the year of the big Kahuna - the whole shebang - my M-dot-tat-earning IRONMAN... but I may just be better off making this another sprint/Olympic year and just use this season to get back to full speed instead of pushing too hard.

I don't know if I can bring myself to do that though... I don't know if my coach would forgive me... I don't know if I would forgive me.... I mean, all I know is "balls to the wall" - push as hard as you can from start to finish, go big or go home, heck... just down right get-er done! Imean, for Heaven's sake - I'm the girl who sewed my own wedding dress in two days because I couldn't stand to stop in the middle! I'm so afraid that if I stop in the middle of something, that I'll get distracted from it and won't follow through in the end. I've done that too many times in my life - always stopping just short of what I really wanted to accomplish, and I really want not to do that. I mean, I'm at the point in my life where if I can't reach a goal, there better be a dad-gum good reason!!! And not one of those shrugging "eh, oh well" reasons neither... I mean like a house fell on me or I got struck by lightning 10 times in a row (I've already knocked on wood though, so don't worry) kind of reason.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the doctor says after I go for the nuclear stress test and echo... but it just chaps my rear end to have to be still... I't makes me absolutely insane - I don't know how to downshift... The only gear I know in my day to day life is all-out, sprint race pace, big ring, all day every day... too bad I can't really do that when I cycle, LOL!!!

I'm going to spare you any more ramblings, at least for the night. And I promise to type my next blog post in the day time when my mind is clearer and I can edit it in Word, LOL!!!