Friday, March 12, 2010

It pays to Blog!

It's good to blog, to share your stories and have a place to archive your moments.... and whoever said blogging was "wasting time" on the internet just doesn't know what the heck they're talking about! It definitely pays to spend a little time on the net visiting your friends' blogs! THis is what I won by visiting and commenting on my friend Shell's blog, and I was randomly picked to win stuff she got from Plaid paints!

Here's a list of the stuff I got:

7 acrylic paints
2 balsa wood shapes and boxes
14 fabric paints
1 screen print paint
1 screen print stencil
4 glass paints
1 glass bottle
1 glass bowl
1 pack foam tape
2 iron on transfers
1 green card kit
1 journal square notebook
1 spiral notebook with pen and post-it notes
1 journal
1 craft magazine
2 idea books
beads and rhinestones
1 "Slice" Making Memories apron
1 "Plaid" drawstring tote

I don't know how she got it all in that box, LOL!!!! But Shell, thank you so much for the goodies!!! I'm going to have the most fun EVER playing with these new toys!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I've Been Derailed!

Ug - I think I am drowning in mucus! Yeah that's right, I just jumped right out front with the TMI, didn't I? Well, there is just no nice way to describe what I've been through this last week. Training was going so well - I was up to running 27 out of 35 minutes, and I got the bike tuned up, and I was just feeling fantastic! Well, naturally, as it always does just when you think you are about to crank it up and get ahead, I got punched right in the face by the Snot Monster. I've had a sinus infection for the last week, which finally landed me at the urgent care clinic on Sunday, because my lymph nodes went haywire and my neck looked like that of a very beefy Olympic wrestler. Soooo not pretty! So I got a steroid shot in the bootay, some antibiotics, Mucinex D, and cough syrup with Codeine, and am hoping to high heaven that some part of that cocktail will be able to slay the Snot Monster! I have missed a week of training, which is bad news since there is only just over 6 weeks before Race Day!